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Shipping Our Replica Watches

EastWatches.me is proud to be one of the only websites that actually ships to all parts of the world. We are enabling people of any background to feel better about themselves and to enable to achieve more without having to pay through the nose. We are working hard to find more cost-effective ways to make our replica watches available to you at a lower cost, however for the time being, here are the approximate prices to ship a EastWatches.me replica watch to your part of the world:

For your convenience we have created a drop down list of all the countries in the world that when you choose a specific country the shipping cost will be displayed by it in US Dollars. So to find out how much we charge for shipping to your country just pick your country from the list below.

Choose coutry: 
The shipping cost per order is: 

if you have any questions you can either ask us through live chat, sending an email or calling us up. Regardless, we will include the shipping fee in the invoice.

You should make a note that regardless of what watch it is, the shipping price is the same. Also, the order size can consist of just one watch or many watches. Patek Philippe replica, Zenith replica or Panerai replica watches all have the same shipping price. The shipping price is only dependent on the location to which it’s being sent. It’s always important to factor in the shipping cost, so we strongly encourage you to make sure that you have a shipping price confirmed prior to paying for the watch. We don’t want to give you any nasty surprises, not that we intend to, it’s just that some customers didn’t know that there was a shipping cost until they received the invoice.